Denver Spring Show 2018 Report

Hi All! We recently exhibited at the spring Colorado Mineral & Fossil Show from April 13-15th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel DIA in Denver, Colorado. The show was fantastic and both sales and attendance exceeded our expectations. A big thank you to all our friends and customers who came and saw us- you "rock", and remind us of how large and vibrant the mineral collecting community is here in the Denver area. 

This year we brought only minerals from our Collector's Edge Wholesale ("CE Wholesale") division, which included half-priced "keystone" minerals, as well as wholesale flats for dealers. After the Tucson show this year, we went through and processed (cleaned, labeled and priced) and LOT of new keystone material, much of which was shown for the first time at this show. The new material was a hit, with both collectors and dealers commenting on the variety and quality of what we had for sale. 

The show started on Friday, April 13th and the general word around the show was that the first-day attendance was the best yet. Lots of familiar faces were seen around the show, as well as some new customers and even some out-of-town folks who flew in for the show. The venue itself is great, and is only 15 minutes from Denver International Airport with a complimentary airport shuttle service, as well as only a ~20 minute drive from downtown Denver. Most dealers (including us) were set up in a spacious ballroom, which made it easy for visitors with limited time to see the whole show. 

A view of some of our showcases at the spring Denver Show this year.

Some nice 'keystone' minerals for sale at  our booth at the Spring Denver Mineral Show this year.

We also had many nice keystone minerals for sale in flats. 

A view of some of our showcases, with Jennifer Quist for scale. 

We had some great large Elmwood, Tennessee calcites for sale, as well as new hedenbergite-included quartz crystals from Inner Mongolia, among other things!

A beautiful shelf of half-priced "keystone" minerals at our booth.

A typical busy scene at our booth at the Spring Denver Show this year!


Overall, this was a great year at the spring Colorado Mineral & Fossil Show. Show promoter Sandra Gonzales and her team really worked hard this year to make the show a success, and it showed. Attendance was great, as was the dealer selection, and most every local collector made it over to the show at some point during the 3-day event. We look forward to doing the show again next year, and hope to see you there! 

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