East Coast Gem & Mineral Show 2018 Report!

We recently returned from the 2018 East Coast gem and mineral show in Springfield, Massachusetts. We have exhibited at this show for many years and it's always a well-organized and enjoyable event. It's also an opportunity for us to connect with friends and customers on the East Coast who we don't always see out in Tucson or Denver.

This year, the featured exhibitors were Dave and Karen DeBruin of Fond-du-Lac, Wisconsin. The DeBruin's have been serious and passionate mineral collectors for many years and are well-known in the collecting community. They filled over 50 showcases, a daunting task, with specimens from the varied and excellent collection, highlighting some of the themes of their collection such as worldwide galena, apophyllite, and quartz specimens, as well as Midwestern USA mineral classics. It was a treat to view their collection, which was presented wonderfully by species/theme in well-lit and well-organized cases.

The wholesale area was busy throughout the show, as it typically is, and we had many nice new wholesale flats as well as half-priced "keystone minerals" to offer our customers. Springfield is also a show where we typically add many new wholesale customers to our database, and we connected with numerous folks whom we had not done business with before, both collectors and dealers/retail stores. Springfield veteran Craig Wiburt was joined this year by Jennifer Quist and Phil Persson, and all three stayed busy throughout the 3 day duration of the show. 

The retail side of the Springfield show was a little slower this year, but we still put together a very nice booth of some of our higher-end fine minerals, exhibited in 4 showcases in a booth strategically position right next to the Dunkin Doughnuts stand and the restroom. :) Steve Behling manned the retail booth, and talked to numerous friends and customers both new and old about some of our exciting recent acquisitions which we will debut at the Denver show, as well as the fine minerals which we currently have out for sale. The wall of the 'Better Living Center' at the Eastern States Exposition Center where our retail booth was located has become the small "fine mineral hall" of the show, and we were joined there by well-known dealers such as Green Mountain Minerals, Dan Weinrich, Kristalle, Stonetrust, and Leonard Himes. 

Overall it was a successful and enjoyable show, and we are now back in Denver preparing for our next big event- the Denver Mineral Showcase, coming up in less than three weeks(!) 

A view of the wholesale section of the East Coast Gem & Mineral Show.

 A case full of nice half-priced "keystone" minerals in our wholesale booth at the Springfield Show. 

Phil, Jennifer and Craig manning our wholesale booth at Springfield this year. 

A shelf of nice 'Keystone" minerals in our wholesale booth. 

Lots of nice wholesale minerals in our booth this year! Here is Craig in front of our banner. 

We had a small but very nice retail booth this year as well, with four showcases of fine minerals. Here is Steve Behling chatting with Russ Behnke. 

A beautiful case of fine minerals in our retail booth.

 A close-up of some of our finest minerals. 

Our Retail booth.

This superb crystallized Gold from the Proctor Family Trust Collection got lots of attention.


The featured exhibitors this year were Dave and Karen DeBruin and one of their collecting specialties is Galena- this is just one of many cases of outstanding galena specimens they had. 

Some great Midwest galena's from the DeBruin collection.

More great galena's from the DeBruin collection.

Great specimens from the Montreal Iron Mine in Montreal Wisconsin, including a killer rhodochrosite for the locality!

As a big fan of Michigan Copper I particularly liked this case in the DeBruin's exhibit. 

More great minerals from the Iron Ranges of WI/MN including several superb "needle ore" hematites!

A beautiful case of worldwide minerals from the Debruin's collection.

A gorgeous case of Illinois fluorites from the DeBruin collection.




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