Mineral Treasures of the World 2017


Collector’s Edge Minerals, Inc. of Golden, Colorado, USA will be a major participant in a temporary exhibition of spectacular mineral specimens to be unveiled at the Geological Museum of China - Beijing on June 16, 2017.   Collector’s Edge is excited to partner once again with the GMC, to introduce a broad segment of Chinese natural history devotees to superb, collection quality mineral specimens. This exhibition is a natural extension of a 2010 groundbreaking display conceived and executed by Collector’s Edge and the Geological Museum of China.  Thousands of excited museum visitors attended the 2010 exhibition, which introduced China to “Western Style” mineral specimen collecting.     


Mineral Treasures of the World – 2017 will run from June 16, 2017 through July 31, 2017.   Additionally, the GMC will host an important conference for Natural History Museum Professionals on July 8, 2017 and will invite mineral collectors from around China to attend a special “Collector’s Salon” on July 22, 2017.











The Geological Museum of China is located in the Xisi area of Beijing and opened in its current location on October 1, 1959.  The GMC is the oldest geological museum of China.  At present, the Geological Museum of China has more than 100,000 geological specimens.  Permanent exhibits at the museum include many specimens regarded as "National Treasures", such as "the Giant Shandong Dinosaur", fossils of primitive birds that were found in the west of Liaoning Province, fossil teeth of Yuanmou Man from Yunnan Province (which placed the first appearance of human beings in China to a much earlier time), a huge (237 gram) cinnabar crystal called the "King of Cinnabar" and many more outstanding mineral specimens from classic Chinese locales.











Photo Captions:

  • Elbaite, Smoky Quartz - Paprok, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan (Tom Spann Photo)
  • Silver – Kongberg, Buskerud, Norway (Tom Spann Photo)
  • Bryan Lees, President – Collector’s Edge Minerals at the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Exhibition
  • Museum visitors enjoying the 2010 – Mineral Treasures of the World Exhibition at GMC
  • Rhodochrosite - Millennium Pocket, Fluorite Raise, Sweet Home Mine, Colorado, USA
  • Geological Museum of China – (gmc.org.cn) Beijing, Xicheng District, Xisi,   Yangrou Hutong, #15


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