Mineral Treasures of the World 2017- Part 2


          On Friday, June 16th, the Geological Museum of China in Beijing unveiled “Mineral Treasures of the World 2017,” a mineral exhibit comprising of fine minerals loaned by various donors, including the Collector’s Edge as a major participant. Steve Behling and Glinda Zeng were stationed in Beijing prior to the exhibit opening to secure our shipment of mineral specimens as it crossed Chinese borders and traveled to the museum. Glinda literally worked day and night for four days to safely deliver our contribution to the exhibit, directly dealing with government entities, import brokers, trucking firms, and the Geological Museum of China itself. Glinda is an employee stationed at our office in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. Without her experience with brokerage firms and her dedication to this project, our shipment may not have arrived at the exposition until after it started. Great job Glinda!

The shipment from Collector's Edge prior to being unpacked.

          The shipment finally arrived at the Geological Museum of China around 6 pm on Wednesday, June 14th, and was immediately moved into the museum. Some specimens were directly placed into specially prepared display cases, while others were professionally photographed for museum documentation prior to their installation. Around 9 pm, all the minerals were safely tucked and locked into their display cases.

Steve places a rhodochrosite specimen into its display case.

A museum employee photographs a mineral for documentation. 

          About 50 guests attended the Grand Opening, including leaders of the Geological Museum of China, Chinese mineral collectors and dealers, and the foreigner representing the Collector’s Edge. Steve Behling gave a speech to kick off the event, which concluded with guests funneling into the Special Exhibit Hall to enjoy the exhibit.

Steve behind the podium prior to his speech. 


Displays of Beryl v Aquamarine, Tourmaline, and Rhodochrosite.

Photos by Glinda Zeng.

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