Bryan K. Lees- President and Founder, Collector’s Edge Minerals Inc


My passion for minerals started when I was a young boy growing up in Illinois and Michigan. Some of my earliest recollections are of picking up pebbles from the neighbor’s driveway. Years later, I became drawn to the form and color of crystals and would buy specimens as my paper route budget would allow. In 1969, I joined the Michigan Mineralogical Society and started going on field trips with the club. My parents also took me on many collecting excursions.


In 1972, our family moved to Colorado. Through the years, visiting every important collecting location I could, I grew to appreciate the rarity of great mineral specimens. In college I met my future wife, Kathryn, who supported and encouraged my mineral collecting obsession, allowing me to pursue a professional career in mineral specimen mining. Together, in 1984, we founded Collector’s Edge Minerals, which today continues to fascinate, challenge and excite us as we explore for minerals all around the world.


For me, the most exciting part of the mineral hobby is field collecting: being the first to see these natural treasures. Opening a pocket of crystals is like opening presents on Christmas Day.


Our favorite discoveries include rhodochrosite from the Sweet Home Mine, Park County, Colorado; amazonite from the Tree Root pocket near Lake George, Colorado; and the Dragon gold specimen from the Colorado Quartz Mine near Mariposa, California.

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