Crocoite from the Red Lead Mine, Tasmania

Crococite is a rare and beautiful Chromium mineral which forms brilliant red prismatic crystals and is only found at a handful of localities around the world. By far the most important are the Adelaide and Red Lead mines near Zeehan in Tasmania, Australia.   Collector's Edge Minerals engaged in a specimen mining project for crococite at the Red Lead Mine starting in October 2012. We partnered with mine owner Shane Dohnt and were able to recover thousands of fine crococite specimens in a variety of styles and crystal habits. The geology of western Tasmania is very complex, and a series of marine sedimentary and volcanic rocks were subjected to extensive burial, metamorphism and uplift during the formation of what is now Tasmania and Austalia. During this time, ore deposits rich in Chromium, Lead, Zinc, and other metals formed, and one of these deposits was exposed and then deeply weathered over millions of years to form the fantastic crocoite crystals we see at the Red Lead mine. While never a producer of the large sprays of fragile, accicular crystals of crocoite found at the nearby Adelaide mine, Red Lead mine crocoite is considered by many to be the world's best, forming large, sometimes even gemmy or transluscent deep red crystals which can be fairly "sturdy" for such a fragile mineral. Please note however that due to the inherent fragility of crocoite, not all specimens offered for sale on this page can be safely shipped, and some would have to be either brought to you in person at one of our road trips or at a show, or picked up in person at our Golden office. Please contact us at: if you have any additional questions about this.


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