Dr. Steve Neely Collection

Dr. Steve Neely, an orthopedic surgeon in Lebanon, Tennessee is well-known in the mineral collecting community for the extremely high caliber of his collections, as well as his involvement in mineral education and outreach, including a position on the board of directors of the Mineralogical Record magazine. Following education and medical residency stints in Virginia and Massachusetts, he moved to Tennessee in the early 1980’s, where a chance encounter with an anesthesiologist who was also a serious mineral collector sparked what would become a lifelong passion for minerals. After finding out that a world-class mineral locality existed just down the road (the Elmwood and Gordonsville mines in Smith County, Tennessee), he soon was spending his free time out of the office tracking down local miners and minerals. He attended his first Tucson Show in 1985 (and every consecutive Tucson Show since) and his first Denver Show in 1986. His wife Betty Lou has been a strong supporter of his collecting obsession since the beginning. For health reasons, Steve sold his original mineral collection in 1998, which included numerous iconic and world-class specimens.

Today his “new” mineral collection is worldwide in scope, with an emphasis on both modern and historic classics, and “10 out of 10” aesthetics and quality in each specimen. Collector’s Edge Minerals has had a long and amicable relationship with Dr. Neely and we are honored to be handling his collection. In each specimen from the Neely collection, Steve’s refined eye for quality and value can be seen, and his 25+ years of involvement in the upper echelons of mineral collecting have put him in a unique position to assemble one of the finest private collections currently in existence in the US. We hope you enjoy the selection of superb specimens from Dr Neely's collection featured here, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to see a short video or additional photos of any of these specimens, or have any other questions.