New Find! Dongpo Ore Field, China Fluorite

With it's huge (>1 billion) population and booming development, the discovery of fine fluorite specimens as a by-product of mining in China is hardly a surprise. In fact, with the seemingly endless variety and quantity of Chinese fluorite seen on the mineral specimen market today, some collectors have perhaps gotten a bit jaded when it comes to this mineral from China. So, we were quite surprised when earlier this year, a fantastic new find was made in the Dongpo Ore Field in the Suxian District near Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, China. This region of Hunan Province has long been known for it's fine fluorite crystals, from mines such as the Yaogangxian and Xianghualing, but these are something special, even compared to the literally thousands of Chinese fluorite specimens we have handled. The large crystals (up to ~15 cm), great color (mint-green to sea-green/blue), and bright luster combined with interesting crystal morphology (reminiscent of the classic "Aztec Pyramid" fluorites from Naica, Mexico) make these specimens real winners. Many feature fluorite crystals perched on druzy white quartz crystal matrix or are associated with baby-pink dolomite crystals that are a 'dead ringer' for classic pink dolomite crystals from Arkansas or the Tri-State District in the USA. 

The Dongpo Ore Field is similar to other major fluorite localities in Hunan Province in that it is related to Mesozoic granites which intrude generally Devonian age carbonate sedimentary rocks, resulting in extensive skarn development, as well as higher-grade vein type deposits which occur along faults related to the emplacement of the granites (Deng et al. 2010). The ore deposits are polymetallic, with Lead, Zinc, Silver, Gold, Tungsten, Tin, and Manganese all being recovered (Deng et al. 2010). 

We were lucky to acquire some of the best pieces from the find and are offering a small selection of these hear. If you don't see what your looking for, please inquire directly at:, as we have these fluorites in all sizes and prices, from spectacular large 'museum size' pieces to inexpensive wholesale flats and half-priced 'keystone' specimens for dealers. Thanks for looking and enjoy!

Chenzhou City, near the Dongpo Ore Field (Getty images)

Nice scenery in rural Hunan Province near the Dongpo Ore Field (Discover Hunan Photo)