Plumbogummite ps. after Pyromorphite

Plumbogummite is a rare and colorful Lead Aluminum Phosphate mineral first described in 1819 in France, and know for most of it's history from only a few European localities, such as the Caldbeck Fells District in England. So, it came as a major surprise to collectors when beautiful botryoidal specimens of neon-blue to yellow-green plumbogummite started appearing about 10 years ago from various Chinese dealers, labeled "Guilin" and perhaps just "Guangxi Province." Fast-forward to 2015 when a major pocket of plumbogummite psuedomorphs after large, well-formed pyromorphite crystals was found at the Yangshuo mine, located not far from the famous Daoping  mine (of pyromorphite fame) in Guilin Prefecture, China. We were able to acquire the major portion of this pocket as well as several subsequent pockets, including what are certainly the best specimens in the world for plumbogummite, as well as some of the world's largest pyromorphite crystals. We present below a small selection of specimens from this find. Enjoy!