Wutong Mine, China Rhodochrosite

Sometimes called the "Chinese Sweet Home Mine", the Wutong Mine near Wuzhou City in Guangxi Zhuang Province, China has produced excellent specimens of rhodochrosite, fluorite, acanthite, sphalerite and more. While known since 1958, the Wutong polymetallic deposit (Lead, Zinc, and Silver primarily) first became known to Collector's Edge Minerals Inc around 2006 when good-quality pink to red rhodochrosite specimens started appearing in small quantities at mineral markets in Guilin and other Chinese cities (Lees et al. 2011; Mineralogical Record).

In 2007, Collector's Edge entered into a partnership with the Chinese owners of the Wutong mine to operate the mine exclusively for collector-quality rhodochrosite specimens. Using many of the same mining and exploration techniques applied to the geologically-similar Sweet Home mine in Colorado, USA from 1991-2005, Collector's Edge Minerals Inc was successful in collecting thousands of great specimens of rhodochrosite and associated minerals.

Some specimens, such as the "Empress" and "Emperor" of China, are world-class pieces which hold their own with rhodochrosites from any other worldwide locality. Mining for rhodochrosite continued at the Wutong mine until 2011, when economically-viable rhodochrosite pocket zones were depleted. 

    You can read the complete history of our mining project at the Wutong Mine here.

    We are proud to offer a nice selection of rhodochrosite and associated mineral specimens from the Wutong project below. With the mine essentially closed since 2011, the high-quality rhodochrosite specimens recovered from 2007-2011 are fast becoming "Chinese classics" and if you don't already have one in your collection, now is the time to get one!