Sweet Home Mine Rhodochrosite

The Sweet Home Mine near Alma, Colorado has produced many of the world's finest rhodochrosite specimens.  Exceptionally colorful, gemmy, large and lustrous, Sweet Home mine rhodochrosite crystals have long been considered among the most desirable objects of the mineral world.  In 1991 Bryan Lees and Kathryn Lees of Collector’s Edge Minerals Inc. and several key investors entered into a leasing agreement with Sweet Home mine owner Leonard Beach to operate and mine the Sweet Home over the next several years, under the name “Sweet Home Rhodo, Inc.”.  This enterprise would lead to the unprecedented discovery of the world’s finest rhodochrosite specimen, the “Alma King” and many other world-class specimens.  The “Alma King” and the “Crystal Wall”, a 2.1 meter by 2.4 meter reconstructed crystal pocket sprinkled with hundreds of deep red translucent rhodochrosite crystals from the Sweet Home mine, now reside in the Denver Museum of Natural History. In 2002 rhodochrosite was named the Colorado State mineral. We are proud to offer a selection of Rhodochrosite and associated minerals from our 1991-2004 specimen mining project at the Sweet Home mine here. 

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