Craig Wibirt- Wholesale Warehouse Manager


My interest in minerals started in 2001, after visiting a local rock shop. They encouraged me to collect Colorado specimens when I quickly discovered Collectors Edge was the company to buy from. By pure coincidence, one of their employees was a neighbor of mine. He started taking me field collecting which included an underground tour of the Sweet Home Mine. The group tour was lead by geologist Dean Misantoni. It was on this tour, I realized this would be an interesting company to work for; mining, cleaning and selling world class mineral specimens. Continuing to be a customer of the Collectors Edge for several years, another employee started teaching me about mineralogy. Early on, I was lucky to have knowledgeable mentors.


Bryan allowed me to start working part time in the fall of 2004, while the company was mining the Barites from Stoneham, Colorado. My training had begun until a full time position opened up for me in March of 2005. After being trained in the mineral preparation lab for a couple of years, I transferred to the Wholesale division where I have worked for the last ten years. I enjoy cleaning, selling, and sometimes, helping mine the crystals also.


I have enjoyed great friendship with many of our customers over the years. They keep coming back to us because our company always has new minerals, which keeps their inventory fresh. I love my job, work with a great team of employees, and plan to retire with this company!

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