Graham Sutton- Wholesale Mineral and Specimen Mining Manager


My path to joining Collector’s Edge started in Ouray, Colorado when I was on a family vacation and we stopped in the Columbine Mineral Shop, owned by a longtime friend of the Company, Ben Kueling.  My Mom & Dad bought a geode from Mexico for me and the mineral collecting seed was planted when it was opened. Several years later, my first collecting experience was at the Red Cloud Mine in 1983 with Ray Grant and other students from Mesa Community College where I was a student. Upon finding my first 1” red wulfenite specimen, I was hooked.  I went to Red Cloud thereafter every chance available where I was encouraged to find more specimens from selling the pieces I collected.  After a few trips to the mine, I concluded I needed better tools and subsequently purchased a cobra drill and some explosives. The mineral collecting passion was ignited and my mechanized mining experience blossomed.


I spent the next 15 years field collecting all over the southwestern United States and in northern Mexico, living the field collecting “dream”. Every time I visit a show and see the minerals I collected on display, I think back to that first wulfenite crystal that stared it all. 


In 1998 I was offered the job as Mine Manager of the Sweet Home Mine. Most mineral collectors know the story of the Sweet Home, so what field collector could say no to that offer?!  Since joining Collector’s Edge, I have traveled the world digging and buying mineral specimens. The last 12 years have predominately been in China, where I have visited dozens of mines and nearly every province in the country.  This has been an incredible experience and an opportunity few collectors ever have, and I get paid to do it! I estimate I have personally collected as many as 300,000 individual specimens with a cumulative estimated value in excess of $50 million dollars.  The experience and opportunities I have found with Collector’s Edge, combined with the friendship of my like minded colleagues, makes it even better.


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