Detroit City Project Update

Hi All-

   It’s spring here in the Rocky Mountains which means sunny skies, birds chirping, and 80-mile-per-hour wind in subzero temperatures… at least on Mount Bross that is! While winter may not have released its hold on the Colorado High Country yet, we are beginning preparations to start mining again at the Detroit City project, after taking a break for the winter season. Here is a quick recap of the 2017 mining season, and a little bit about what’s next!

While it’s been fairly warm and sunny here in Denver, the weather up at 11,000+ feet in the central Rocky Mountains has been a little different! Here’s a video from a few weeks ago up at the mine…


 It was a balmy 4 degrees out the day the above video was taken! Needless to say it is starting to warm up a bit up in Alma finally.


 A much warmer fall day at the Detroit City mine, September 2017

Here is a shot of the mine late last fall, shortly before we wrapped things up for the 2017 mining season.

A view across the valley from the mine looking towards Mount Buckskin and Loveland Mountain. 

A big accomplishment in 2017 was the installation of our ventilation raise, which was designed and built by CEMI. Here it is in-place underground in the Detroit City mine.

A bobcat as well as some surveying equipment at the Detroit City mine portal. There is a lot that can be done with a bobcat and skillful operator!

The view from the portal area on a beautiful fall day, with some GPS surveying equipment in the foreground.

After a blast, broken rock is mucked out with equipment, overhead rock is secured with bolts and mesh if necessary, and survey/geology data is typically spray painted on the working face for engineering and geological purposes. The banded rock you are looking at in this photo is the over 1-billion-year-old gneiss that makes up the major host rock for the Sweet Home deposit. 

An encouraging sign- massive rhodochrosite encountered in the working face after a blast.

While traditional underground mining in Colorado took place using human-operated “jackleg” drills, today most mines use larger, more automated drill rigs such as this machine, commonly nicknamed a “jumbo.”

The orange machine, known as an LHD (or “load-haul-dump”) loader, is the workhorse of the mine, and is essential for advancing the Detroit City Adit to reach our mineralized targets. At left is our Caterpillar dump truck, which is also an important piece of equipment for transporting mine waste rock.

Here is a quick video of our LHD loader mucking out freshly-blasted rock in the Detroit City mine. 

The crew preparing for a blast in the Detroit City mine. Each blast advances the tunnel about 10 feet.

Here is our dump truck parked by the old Sweet Home mine building and portal on a cloudy fall day. Mount Bross is in the background. 


 We are getting ready to start the 2018 mining season up at the Detroit City mine.  We hope to potentially reach the first mineralized target zone sometime in 2018, and we will have more frequent updates as mining approaches that target. Stay tuned to as well as our social media accounts for more!