Shortly after the 2020 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, the Collector’s Edge acquired an impressive new batch of Amethyst quartz specimens from Las Vigas, Veracruz, Mexico. Amethyst specimens of extraordinary beauty have been recovered from the Las Vigas region for almost 60 years.

Mineral collectors are drawn to Las Vigas specimens because they feature an appealing purple color, outstanding transparency, glassy luster, and typically form extremely aesthestic crystal clusters.  The finest Las Vigas Amethyst specimens feature single crystals and divergent groups of rich-purple quartz that have crystallized on a grayish-brown rock matrix which is occasionally “dusted” with microcrystals of epidote.

These Amethyst specimens are a true challenge to recover from the earth. It requires a six-hour mule ride from the nearest civilization for the miners to reach the steep volcanic mountain valleys of Cerro Piedra Parada in which the Amethyst crystals are found. Cerro Piedra Parada is cut with mineralized quartz veins. Miners follow these quartz veins into the mountain using simple tools and mining techniques, seeking an area where the quartz veins widen out into a crystal-lined pocket of Amethyst.

Some of these superb Las Vigas Amethyst clusters are available, right now, on   Additional information and photos/videos of our finest retail specimens are available by contacting Richard Jackson or Steve Behling at  Collector’s Edge will, also, be making superb specimens from this new discovery available on our May-June 2020 sales related road trips around the USA.