Auction Policy


To bid on minerals in our auctions, you must register on our web site and be at least 18 years of age. Multiple registrations are prohibited. Upon registration, you must provide a current and valid email address. You must log into this account on our webpage to place a bid. Bidding rules are as follows:

  • All bids are final.    Our auction system literally does not allow us to delete a bid.  So please make your bids carefully.
  • Bids must be in whole US dollar amounts, such as $2, $35, $88, etc., otherwise they will not be accepted. There are minimum increments but no maximum increment.
  • Towards the end of an auction, it is recommended that you refresh your browser often to see the most recent bids before placing yours, otherwise you may receive an error message that your entered bid was too low.
  • The auction will close at exactly the time listed. The time listed is Denver, Colorado local time. There will be no waiting period, the winner at exactly that time will win the specimen.
  • We are not responsible for any technical glitches or other circumstances that prevent someone from placing a bid.  Whoever is the winner in our system when the auction closes is declared the winner.
  • After close, the winner will receive an automatically generated email with a link that directs them to payment and checkout using our website's shopping cart. The winner will pay the highest bid plus $15 domestic shipping per order or $40 international shipping per order.  Our website's shopping cart accepts most major credit cards.
  • The winner will have a period of 3 days from the time of close to purchase his mineral. If the winner cannot fulfill their obligation with good reason, they will be barred from all future auctions and the 2nd highest bidder will be offered the specimen at his highest bid.
  • If Collector’s Edge detects any animosity or harassment attempts between participants, the offender will receive a warning. If they persist to a second infraction, they will have their bids revoked and will be banned at future auctions
  • Auction specimens can only be returned if the mineral is not as advertised on the site or was damaged in transit. In this event, please refer to our return policy. Otherwise, your bid is a contract to buy the specimen at the price you set. Be sure to check the dimensions, description, and photos carefully. Additional photos may be available upon request.
  • Collector’s Edge is happy to combine your auction pieces with your retail purchases to reduce shipping costs. Refer to our About/Contact page for how to contact us.


If you click “auto bidding”, you let the system be your proxy and do your bidding for you. Here's how it works:

  1. The seller lists an item for auction, determines the length of the auction, and opens for bidding.
  2. You decide how much you're willing to pay, enter your first bid and give your proxy (the system) a confidential maximum bid.
  3. You note the ending time of the auction and log off.
  4. Our auction system will then automatically place a bid for you anytime someone else places a bid that is higher than your bid.  The system will not place a bid if the leading bid is higher than your maximum bid.
  5. Keep in mind that other bidders may also be using proxy bidding, which means that our auction system may automatically place many multiple bids on your behalf, within a short time period, as your proxy bid attempts to "out bid" the other person's proxy bid.   Our auction system will automatically keep placing bids on your behalf, until you have reached your maximum proxy bid.

At the end of the auction, you check back in to see how your proxy did. If other bidders outbid your predetermined maximum, you don't get your item. But otherwise, you're the winner—and the final price might even be less than the maximum you had been willing to spend!


Normally, our auction system will automatically generate an email to you whenever you have placed a bid on a mineral, but then someone else subsequently places a higher bid on that same mineral. However, we are not responsible for technical glitches or other circumstances that prevent you from receiving such emails. It is up to each bidder to periodically visit our website to double check where you stand with respect to the auction. It is particularly important to visit our website when the auction on the mineral is about to end.