Our Masterpieces

At any given time the Collector’s Edge Minerals has thousands of mineral specimens in inventory. Since the founding of our company in 1984, Collector’s Edge has mined, purchased, or represented hundreds of thousands of mineral specimens. While it is challenging to select only 12 specimens to accurately represent our firms history, it is fun to reminisce about the magnificent mineral treasures that have crossed our path over the years!

"The Dragon"

Gold, Colorado Quartz Mine,Mariposa County, California

Regarded by many to be the world’s most aesthetic, matrix gold specimen. Currently in the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  16.5 x 9.5 x 8 cm.


La Marina Mine, Columbia

The finest specimen from an amazing NEW discovery acquired through our contacts in Colombia during 2015 and prepared in the Collector’s Edge laboratory. Currently in the Scott Rudolph Collection. 12 x 8 x 4.5 cm.


Read Lead Mine, Tasmania, Australia

Collector’s Edge mined for several years at the famous Red Lead Mine. The incredible red-orange color, glassy luster, and large crystal size demonstrate why Red Lead crocoite specimens are so very popular with collectors worldwide. Collector’s Edge Minerals specimen. 18 x 14.5 x 8 cm.

Microcline v. Amazonite

Tree Root Pocket, Two Point Claim, Teller County, Colorado

The Tree Root Pocket, discovered by the Collector’s Edge in June 1997, is widely regarded as possessing the finest color of any Amazonite pocket discovered in the 100+ year history of exploration in the Pikes Peak Batholith. With amazingly deep blue-green amazonite, jet-black smoky quarz, andf pearly-white albite rosettes, many collectors regard this cabinet-size specimen as the finest from this exceptional pocket. Ex-Dr. David Roter Collection, now in the Bryan & Kathryn Lees Collection. 17 x 15.5 x 10 cm.

Beryl v. Emerald

Kagem Mine, Zambia

Considered to be the top emerald specimen liberated from a small number of large quartz boulders encountered at the Kagem Mine in 2008. The preparation work was performed on this and several other Kagem Mine specimens by the Collector’s Edge Laboratory in 2009. Now in the MIM Museum collection, Beirut, Lebanon. 12.5 x 8 x 6 cm.

"The Hand"

Barite with calcite. Stoneham, Weld County, Colorado

In July 1989, Bryan Lees and Dennis Wilson hit a fabulous pocket of steel-blue barite specimens. This important pocket, the Leeson Pocket, helped to put Collector’s Edge on the map for collectors of fine mineral specimens. This incredible 12.5 x 15 cm blue barite specimen is among the finest ever found at Stoneham. Bryan & Kathryn Lees Collection.  16 x 12 x 7.5 cm.

"Wayne State Copper"

Native copper. Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan

Considered to be one of the most important specimens to have been preserved from the huge, historically important native copper deposits of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan. Collector’s Edge acquired and placed the “Wayne State Copper” into a private collection on to its eventual journey to the MIM Museum collection, Beirut, Lebanon. 8 x 7 x 6 cm.

Rose Quartz

Sapucaia Mine, Brazil

This rose quartz specimen is among the world’s greatest examples of crystallized rose quartz. This specimen is important because of its tremendous size, strong pink color, and beautifully contrasting smoky quartz matrix. Acquired by Collector’s Edge through dealer contacts in 1997, it is currently in the Jerome Shaw Collection. 39 x 20 x 12 cm.

Elbaite (Tourmaline)

Nuristan Province, Afghanistan

For almost two decades, the Collector’s Edge has been acquiring from our mine direct sources some of the finest mineral specimens discovered in the remote gem-bearing pegmatite fields of northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Collector’s Edge acquired the majority of top specimens from this world-famous pocket of tri-colored (Chartreuse, Yellow, and Pink) tourmaline. From the David Matak Collection this fine specimen is now available for purchase at Collector’s Edge .  17 x 16 x 9 cm.

"The Window Pane"

Wulfenite, Red Cloud Mine, Arizona

The finest specimen discovered in 5 years of open-pit specimen mining by the Collector’s Edge at the Red Cloud Mine. This rare specimen features a bright reddish orange, transparent “window pane” measuring nearly 3.5 cm across. Anonymous U.S. Collection. 9 x 7.5 x 6.5 cm.

"Empress of China"

Rhodochrosite, Wutong Mine, China

A premier specimen from an incredible pocket of rhodochrosite the Collector’s Edge helped discover and harvest at the Wutong Mine in 2010. Currently in the Zhaoyuan Peng Collection. 39 x 33 x 15 cm.


Rhodochrosite, Sweet Home Mine, Colorado

One of the world’s finest mineral specimens, the Sno-Cone rhodochrosite possesses large crystal size, is highly lustrous and exhibits top cherry-red color … a natural masterpiece! Ex- James Horner Collection; Ex-Houston Museum of Natural Science Collection; Now in the MIM Museum Collection, Beirut. 15.5 x 14 x 12.5 cm.