Richard Jackson- Retail Sales Specialist


My fascination with minerals started later than most collectors. In my youth, I was heavily into salt water aquariums and orchid growing. My basement was full of fish tanks and grow lights. I had wandered into a couple local rock shops out of curiosity, wondering why people would buy rocks. Though I found them interesting, I did not catch the bug until I happened to walk into a shop with a beautiful Peruvian rhodochrosite specimen. Despite several attempts, they would not sell it to me. This deepened my resolve to find a specimen like this somewhere.


I started going to local shows in Denver in 1994 and in early 2005 I found myself in the offices of Collector’s Edge. I purchased a couple specimens from Bryan that day, which started a long friendship with the man who would someday become my boss. Who Knew! Every day is a new adventure here and I could not be happier working with my coworkers and customers who share the same passion as me.

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