Quartz (Herkimer Diamond)

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Middleville, Town of Newport, Herkimer Co., New York, USA


6.0 X 8.0 X 4.5 cm

An interesting story lies behind the Herkimer area in New York, legend has it that many years ago a soldier found some beautiful little stones, clear, terminated, sparkly, there were a LOT of them too. He was ecstatic, thinking he had found his riches in diamonds! Imagine his disappointment when he found out they were an interesting and unique form of quartz – despite that fact, the “Herkimer Diamond” name for these gorgeous crystals lives on.

This is a beautiful piece, larger than many of the “diamonds” that are found in that region, perched perfectly on a piece of matrix covered in smaller quartz crystals. This self-standing specimen hides more smaller “diamonds” on the back, only one of which shows any damage. Rainbows inside the main crystal flash brilliant colors that catch the eye, distracting from it’s only flaw, a small dark spot of contact that occurred during growth. Due to contact with the side of the pocket, a natural fracture developed but did not fully separate from the crystal – this has been stabilized so that it won’t come off. The rest of the crystal is in fantastic shape with only two tiny dings that are only visible when observed very closely. This is a great little piece of New York, perfect for any collection! Photo by IFM.


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