Zack Guiliani- Mineral Preparation Specialist


My indoctrination into the world of minerals actually came as a bit of an accident. I moved from Denver to Abilene, Texas in 2005 to attend college at Abilene Christian University. As an aspiring artist, I was eager to learn any artistic knowledge or techniques I could, and wanted to explore many areas of the arts. I filled my course load with as many different art classes as I could, including Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration, and many more. Outside of classes, I delved into woodworking, carpentry, and even dabbled in tattoos for a short period.


While working to support myself through college as a key manager at Outback Steakhouse, I met Collector’s Edge Alumni, Jon Voelter, who inquired about my artistic abilities, and offered me part time work in his mineral preparation laboratory. After graduating with my Fine Arts Degree, I was offered full time employment at Voelter Minerals, where I began my training in mineral specimen preparation and cleaning. At the time, I had no geological background, and no exposure to the mineral community, so starting off, I had no idea what minerals I was looking at, I just knew that they looked amazing. It was my very first mineral show, however, that started my own personal mineral collecting, and further fueled my desire for knowledge in this field. It is amazing how much one can learn through traveling the country doing mineral shows, and seeing some of the world’s best mineral specimens, as well as learning cleaning, trimming and specimen preparation.


In 2015, I had the privilege of marrying my amazing wife Stephanie, and at the beginning of 2017 we decided to move back to Denver, to be closer to my family. Shortly thereafter, I began working with the Collector’s Edge, in their laboratory under the furthering instruction of Rob Lorda. As the newest addition to the impressive team here, I am incredibly excited to be working with some amazing individuals, as well as having the privilege to work with gorgeous minerals all day.


Outside of the realm of mineralogy, I enjoy hiking with my wife and our two dogs, snowboarding, playing paintball, drawing, painting, and I am an undercover comic book enthusiast (nerd).

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